Salt Creek Isla Bastimentos ( Bocas del Toro, PA - 11111) Built

Adjacent 2 hectares property also available

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  • White Sand Beach Island property in Bocas Del Toro with some Infrastructure
  • Type: Recreational
  • Style: Lot / Land
  • Lot Type: Rectangular
  • Lot Size: 8009 sq. m.


Beautiful beach property located on Isla Bastimentos, overlooking the Cayos Zapatilla, pristine snorkeling reefs and Zapatilla Bay. Isla Bastimentos National Marine Park is nearby. Ideally suited for an Eco-resort or private residence development because of its location on the beach in one the most peaceful and beautiful parts of the Bocas Del Toro Archipelago. Existing infrastructure includes a rancho and dock, boatlift, high capacity solar system, large storage bodega, generator house, water collection system, and pressurized plumbing; synergies that allow the buyer to rapidly begin further development.

There are two properties adjacent to each other (123 ft. and 304 ft.) for a total of 427 ft. of beach front and an area of approximately 2.8 hectares. The properties can be sold individually or together. Each property is held in a Panamanian registered company. Purchasing both properties together offers the benefit of tremendous scale for a resort development with a buffer zone for peaceful enjoyment, or an investment.

Property 1

Lot Size: 2 Acres (8008.93 M2 or 0.8 hectares)
Frontage: 123 feet (37.4 meters) beach front
Selling Price: $175,000

Improvements: None

Property 2

Lot Size: 5 Acres (2 Hectares)
Frontage: 304 feet (98.615 meters) beach front
Includes water concession and improvements at cost $130,000; replacement cost today is $155,000
Selling Price: $525,000

Rancho and Dock

The architectural design plan of the rancho over the water was to create a structure of superior quality that is both ascetically pleasing and complimentary to the surrounding seascape. This was achieved by using the best high-end building materials and the employment of skilled craftsmen. The building plan emphasized symmetrical roof lines, structural integrity, and meticulous project management by the owner.

The rancho is 1080 square feet (30x36), supported by 20 concrete pilings tied together with 8 inch concrete beams forming a grid pattern. All concrete is marine grade. The wooden frame structure is a 6x6 inch post and beam design with extra cross bracing for structural integrity. Roof rafters are 2x6 inch dimensioned lumber, connected to the beams with SS 316 hurricane clips for extra strength. The hip roof (4 sided roof) is covered in ascetically pleasing synthetic Palmex thatch guaranteed for 25 years. The wood is marine pressure-treated pine and is resistant to rot and fungus. All construction hardware (roof staples, nails, threaded rods, nuts, bolts, hurricane clip connectors) are SS 316 stainless steel. The rancho includes an electric boat lift. The building is wired for 120V and 240V. There is high speed wireless internet access and running water.

The dock is 150 feet long by 6 feet wide with a concrete piling super structure. The wood is marine pressure-treated pine and is resistant to rot and fungus. All construction hardware connectors (nails, screws, threaded rods, nuts, bolts) are SS 316 stainless steel. The dock pilings are made of marine concrete, jacketed in PVC. The dock decking is 2x8 inch dimensioned boards with 1/4 inch edged rounded for comfort under foot.

Storage Bodegas

The primary storage bodega is 480 square feet (20x24). It has a partial concrete floor, an attic, and wooden shelving, with two five foot sliding door openings for ease of material movement. It is wired for 120V and 240V. There is high bandwidth wireless internet access. A 330 square foot outdoor roof-covered kitchen area with running water is attached. The structure is removable if desired.

There is a second 64 square foot (8x8) bodega with a concrete floor to house generators and equipment. Attached to the bodega is a shower enclosure. Both structures are removable if desired.

Solar System

The design strategy was to install a solar system with sufficient capacity to generate enough power for normal loads during extended cloudy days and periods of low solar isolation, to facilitate total independence of the electric grid.
9280 Watts of solar panels consisting of two 16 panel arrays, 32 panels total
Magnum Energy Dual Inverter/Charger 8800 Watt capacity, sufficient to supply all of the electrical power loads for a large house.
Magnum Energy Load Center
120V/240V AC output
2 Midnite Solar Classic 150 charge controllers, one for each solar array. Each controller has a capacity of 5000 Watts of Solar panel input
Dual inverters and dual charge controllers afford not only high capacity, but also offer built in redundancy should an equipment failure arise.
24 Trojan Renewable Energy 2 Volt DC, 1110 Amp Hour deep cycle batteries, connected in a signal string to supply 48 Volts DC to the inverter. Premium grade high capacity wet cell batteries to supply energy requirements when the sun is not shining.
Electric Load Center is wired to an external generator input power source to supply electric loads and charge batteries during extreme cloudy days.

Rainwater Catchment System

There is one 1250 gallon water tank tied to rain gutters that collect water off the storage bodega roof. Collected rain water first passes through a fine leaf deflector screen before entering the water tank. The water is then filtered through a 10 micron filter. The plumbing system is connected to a pump to provide flexibility of full water pressure if desired, or gravity feed water flow.

Internet Options

There are currently two wireless internet providers that offer reliable, high speed service in the area: Panetma and Cable Onda. One company has a 100 foot green tower next to property 1, hidden in the jungle at the back.